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We all have NEGATIVE feelings sometimes--we are human! Sometimes we hate or REALLY dislike, sometimes we feel envy, sometimes we judge people by how they look or act or talk...BUT, if we are "smart", we realize that those feelings are not usually "helpful". What is helpful is trying to find out HOW to get rid of those feelings. Sometimes, we need to keep those feelings inside. If we don't, we might start a fight...or even a war. Today's expression is about keeping those negative feelings inside!

Oh, it's so hot where I am. I HATE the hot, muggy weather. I HATE it. I wish...sometimes letting out our negative feelings feels good!!!

Have a COOL day,
Coach Shane


Today’s English expression and dialog: 

to harbor a feeling…

Look at that guy~ Oh, I have a Porsche~~

You seem to harbor a lot of hatred for rich people.

No, just rich people who didn’t earn their money.

How do you know how he got his money?


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