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Monday!! I like Mondays...sorry^^ Today's expression is really good--when you are waiting for someone else to make a decision for you but people ask you what you are going to do...
For example:
I want to go on a date with Sue. I sent her a text: "Would you like to go to the movies with me on Friday night?" However, so far, no answer. Then my friend asks me, "Hey, Shane! Are you going to the movies with Sue on Friday night?" Well...I'm still waiting for her answer, right? Once I know HER answer, I can tell my friend Yes or No!!
This sounds really complicated, but the expression is NOT and it's useful!!

Have a great week!
Coach Shane

Today’s English expression and dialog:

to hang in the balance

So, are you moving?

I don’t know. It’s hanging in the balance.

How’s so?

If the cats are okay, I’m moving. If not, I’m staying.


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