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Today’s expression and dialog: binge-listening


What are you laughing at?


The LME podcast! I’ve been binge-listening to it!


What’s your favorite part?

They’re all good, but Country Shane is the funniest!


Did you ever spend an ENTIRE DAY doing just one thing? Maybe playing a video game? Maybe studying? Maybe watch your favorite TV series. Maybe eating chocolate?!! Well, if you do "too much" of something, it's called "binging". Many people binge on cookies, or beer, or video games...doing that is probably not that good~ But, SOMETIMES binging can be beneficial. In today's podcast, I give you are GREAT example of when binging can be really good!


I hope you have a great weekend, if you have no plans, why not spend the weekend enjoying ALL of my videos and/or podcasts?!!


~Coach Shane


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