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Today’s expression and dialog: head over heels


What do you think?


Oh, I’m head over heels!

You like it?

It’s the perfect car! I’ll take it!


Hello!! How are you today?


Are you in love? I mean REALLY in love? If not, when was the last time? With whom were/are you in love? Or...with what?


Me? I'm in love RIGHT now. TOTALLY in love. There's a truck made by Ford called the F-150 Raptor. Oh...I LOVE that truck so much. It's my dream to own it. I hope, one day, I will make that dream come true. When I see that truck...it's like I'm on drugs or I'm drunk or ... I don't know. It's as if my head is spinning up and down and all around!!! Aha! We have an expression to describe that feeling of when you are COMPLETELY IN LOVE!! And I will teach it to you in today's podcast! 


Have a super Sunday! My day off!! YAY^^



Coach Shane


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