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Today’s expression and dialog: to breathe over someone’s shoulder

Tim is constantly breathing over your shoulder!

I know. He’s really nervous about the report.

How’s it going?

It’s almost finished.

  The NICEST thing about working for you all is...I have NOBODY watching me as I work!! I am my own boss! I don't have anyone checking my work...it's really nice!! When I worked at a language institute, my bosses ALWAYS checked my numbers--how many students did I have today, how many yesterday, why the difference, what did I teach, what did the students like, will the students register again the next month...ARGH!!!

It was NOT very nice...but I do understand that a business can only survive if it has "good numbers". Well, I really ENJOY the freedom! Thank you!! Oh, today's expression? It's about my old bosses and teachers and my mom and others! Maybe yours, too!


Coach Shane


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