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Today’s expression and dialog: in the shop


Did you walk here?


Yeah. My car’s in the shop.


What happened?      

I don’t know. Something’s wrong with the engine.


A long time ago...a LONG time ago, if something broke, what did people do? They fixed it!! Dads and moms fixed everything! If they didn't know how to fix it, they would call the neighbor--the neighbor could fix it! I know that America was like that--and I'm sure your country was like that, too. But, in America, things started to change around the middle of last century. I guess things became more complicated... Nowadays car engines look NOTHING like car engines 40 years ago! I used to fix my old 1971 Plymouth Fury III car, but now I have a small Ford Fiesta...I open the hood and I can't even see the engine!! So where do I take it? I'll tell you TODAY!

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Have a SUPER week^^


Coach Shane


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