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Today’s expression and dialog: pizzazz   

How’s the stew.

It’s okay. A little bland.

Argh~~ I should’ve added cumin.

Yeah. That would’ve given it some pizzazz!


If you follow me on FaceBook, many of you know that I do like to cook. I like cooking different things and, after looking at some of my pictures, my cooking looks REALLY good!! However, pictures do not always tell the truth! Actually, I really try to "eat healthy", so I do NOT use much spice. A tiny bit of salt, a tiny bit of black pepper...that's about it. The rest of my "flavoring" comes from veggies. I usually try to use raw veggies for most of my flavoring. I like it, but for most people-BORING! So, what can I do to make my food more "exciting", more "tasty", more "interesting"? Well, today I will teach you THE MAGIC WORD that means ALL of that!


Have a super day!


Coach Shane


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