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Today’s expression and dialog: to dabble in    


Would you help me write this sales letter?


Me? Why me?


I know you’ve dabbled in writing in the past.

Yeah, but that was poetry! Not business stuff!


In my life, I have had lots of hobbies. But there have been a few in which I  spent more time doing... I became very knowledgeable or skilled at them. One of those hobbies was triathlons. I had always loved running and swimming and cycling, but there was a time when I became VERY serious and invested a lot of time and money into that hobby. I knew a LOT more than the average person and people could come to me for reliable information. I wasn't a professional...but I was good! SO...HOW can we describe this situation? Do you have something similar? I'm sure you do! Listen to today's podcast, learn a great expression and think about yourself and tell me!!

Have a GREAT day!


Coach Shane


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