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Today’s expression and dialog: to be slapped with a fine


You’re late.


I’m sorry. I made an illegal U-turn.


Did they let you go?      

No! I got slapped with a fine.


When I was a kid, I frequently got into trouble. Nothing serious, but I always liked to "push the boundaries". Especially when driving. I LOVED driving fast. I was always watching the road carefully, but I loved to drive fast. And I hated stop signs...especially in the country. There are NO PEOPLE...so why do they need stop signs.

Well, the police knew my name. I guess that I received at least 5 tickets for speeding, not stopping, illegally parking, illegal U-turns... Like I said, nothing serious, but I did get A LOT OF tickets. And each ticket--I had to pay money! That "money" is called a FINE. And today's expression will tell you HOW painful those fines were!



Coach Shane


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