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Today’s expression and dialog: to sneeze at something


Shane is an English teacher! Ha!




He’s American. They speak American, not English.

Don’t sneeze at American English!!


A few days ago my mom gave me some chicken that her neighbor had made. She told me she couldn't eat it because it was too spicy--too hot! I laughed and told my mom, "Aww, is it too hot for my mommy? Don't worry, her baby son will eat the spicy food! Ha-ha-ha~~~"

My mom did not think it was funny. She prepared a plate for me and asked me if I wanted some ice water. I laughed and said, "NO!! I'm tough mom. I can eat spicy food all day long." 

My mom said, "Don't sneeze at my offer. And don't sneeze at that chicken."

Then I took a bite. Then I called 911. NEVER sneeze at spicy chicken! NEVER sneeze at your mom!

Find out what I mean by listening to today's podcast!


Coach Shane^^


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