Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Today’s expression and dialog: ticked off


What’s wrong with John?


Eric ticked him off.



Eric keeps bothering him about smoking.


ONE thing nice about living in the HOT and DRY desert...the "stable" weather. Next year I might move up north and the weather is very different. There are many STORMS. And with storms there is lightning. And lightning is NOT good for electricity. When there is lightning, sometimes the electricity goes OUT. And when there is no electricity, I have no internet. When there is no internet, I cannot work! When I cannot work, I cry!!! Really^^ Having NO electricity really makes me mad! Having no internet REALLY makes me angry! NOT being able to teach REALLY MAKES ME SUPER MAD!!! And today, I will teach an excellent PHRASAL VERB you can use when YOU are angry!!

Stay happy!


Coach Shane


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