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Today’s expression and dialog: two-faced


Bill Cosby on. I love him!


Turn it off.


Why? He’s the greatest! The Cosby Show~

He’s two-faced. On TV he seems nice, but I’ve heard in person…whoo!


I hope the people you meet this week are all nice people. Be careful of those people that are "nice to you when they talk to you" but when they talk with someone else they say bad things about you! And then there are those people that SEEM like great people. They say nice things, they do good things, they are very polite...but then, when no one is looking, they do terrible things and say horrible things...

These people are everywhere...sometimes "these people" are us~~  Not cool. We need to be careful! We do NOT want to be "___-_____" That's today's expression!! Learn it and DON'T live it!!


Have a great week,


Coach Shane


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