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Today’s expression and dialog: in a rut  


You don’t look so happy.


I’m in a rut.

Take a break from work.
Yeah, maybe a week off would help.


My daily life--my daily routine--is the same nearly every day. And I like it!! BUT, sometimes I do get SICK OF IT! Especially just a few years ago I was ALWAYS looking for something to do~ somewhere to go~ someone to hang out with... I was afraid of HAVING A BORING LIFE!! When someone has a "boring job" or a "boring schedule" or a "boring weekend" or a "boring relationship" or a "boring family" ... it can be really terrible!! We need to get OUT of that boredom. And today's expression is one that you can use when you are SICK of your boring life!! 

It's YOUR life, don't get "s____ __ _ r__"--learn to have a good life!


Have a super day,


Coach Shane


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