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Today’s expression and dialog: What keeps you up at night?                         


You always look so happy!


Yeah, thanks. But you… What keeps you up at night?


Oh, everything! My job, my bills…money!

I wish I could help~~ 


When you go to bed, are you able to fall asleep right away? I do IF I get enough exercise. But when I don't get enough exercise...my mind wanders~ My mind can move from topic to topic so fast I laugh!! But there are times when, even if I get a LOT of exercise, I can't fall asleep. Those times are when I am worried about something~ To be honest, this happens every week the night before I make new assignments in DDM and PIRF. I take a lot of time to choose the topic and the sentences to focus on-I worry that some students won't like it-I worry that it will be too easy or too hard for some. BUT, I can only do my best, right? I want to ask my Daily Expression to you! Tweet me back!


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