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Today’s expression and dialog: a kerfuffle


What’s all the kerfuffle about?


The lady in 407 has an alligator!


What? That’s crazy!

I know, but she says it’s her pet.


Did you hear about that HUGE SCANDAL in America about the "dating website" for "married people"? Personally--I think it is hilarious. The website is for "married people" who are "BORED" with their relationship and just want "a little extra fun". Well, there was a HUGE KERFUFFLE because we now know that almost EVERY "woman" on the website was actually a MAN!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! 

Everyone, if you are married...be good. YOU made the choice, make your choice the RIGHT choice. Being a responsible husband/wife means you are RESPONSE ABLE...YOU make your responses. Make them good ones!! Oh, be quiet, Coach Shane!! Just explain "KERFUFFLE"! Okay, I will--in the podcast!


Coach Shane


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