Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Today’s expression and dialog: my gut tells me…


Let’s go back home.


No, let’s stay some more.


Two hours and not a bite.

My gut tells me the fish are getting hungry~


Are you good at "guessing"? Do you have an accurate "intuition"? If you think about it, each time we make a guess, we use a specific part of our body...what?!! For example, if you make a guess about a business situation, you make an "intellectual guess"--you use your BRAIN. If you make a guess that "a girl likes you" so you should be nice to her, you guess with your HEART! But what is the THIRD part of your body that you guess with?  The answer...your GUT. I'll explain ALL about this type of GUESS in today's podcast! 

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Sunday! It's my day off so I might go fishing! Do you think I will catch a fish? Can you guess? With which body part?!!

Take care!


Coach Shane

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