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Today’s expression and dialog: turn over a new leaf


Is that tea?         


Yeah. No more coffee for me.


You stopped drinking beer, too! Did you turn over a new leaf?

Yeah! I’m trying to be more healthy.


So, if you want to start OR stop something...when is the best time? January first? On the first day of the month? The first day of the week? Well, yesterday was my ONE YEAR anniversary of QUITTING SMOKING! Yes! I had tried quitting MANY times. And several times I made a "New Year's Resolution" to quit...but I failed. However, I did not let my failure BLOCK me from my future success. I knew I would try to quit again, and eventually I did. Not on January First. Not on a Monday. Not on the beginning of the month. But on Saturday, August 30th, 2014. That's a date that I will remember for...as long as I live! Today's expression will get YOU to "start or stop" something today! Do it!


Have a super week,

Coach Shane!



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