Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Today’s expression and dialog: sounds about right


How much longer?


About 60 miles.


So, we should get there around 3?

Sounds about right.


Today's expression is very easy...BUT...I want you to USE it. Use it today. Use it with your friends. Even if your friends or family don't speak English, use it! When they say, "What did you say?" Then you say, "Oh, I'm sorry. I spoke English! It's because of my English teacher!!" Your friends and family will be VERY impressed! They will love you more. They will respect you more. They will buy you more presents. They will give you money. They will make you birthday cakes. They will name their future children after you. Those future children will sing songs about you in the future. 


Too much? Maybe! BUT use today's expression!!

Have a great day,


Coach Shane


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