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Today’s expression and dialog: to be fresh out of something


I’m going to the store.


Great. We’re fresh out of milk.


Anything else?

We could use some sugar. And lettuce, too.


Do you go shopping at the grocery store BEFORE you need to go shopping at the grocery store?!! They say that if you go WITH a list and NOT when you are hungry, you will save money AND buy healthier foods. 

I try to do that...but I have to be honest, I usually go when I absolutely need something! Usually milk or eggs. Beer? As you might know, I do enjoy beer--but I ALWAYS have extra beer in the house! I'm never "out"! 

Today's expression talks about when you are OUT of something--it's an easy expression and very good. So, I want you to use it and TWEET me your example sentence, okay? You can leave it on FaceBook, too!

Have a great day,


Coach Shane


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