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Today’s expression and dialog: Dutch, Holland, Netherlands


Where are you from?


The Netherlands.


Oh, Holland, right?


Well, Holland is actually just an area of the Netherlands.


Oh. But you’re Dutch, right?

No. I’m Frisian. A different ethnic group.


How many countries are in the UK? Yes!! How many COUNTRIES are in the UK? The answer: FOUR. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They really are four different countries. So you had better not call every person you meet from the UK "English"!! They might get angry! As the world gets smaller and smaller, we should pay more attention to WHO we meet and where they are from. Although we come from "a country", we might be VERY different from the "stereotype" of that country! Be careful! Be respectful! And let's TEACH EACH OTHER about EACH OTHER!!

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Coach Shane


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