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Today’s expression and dialog: but no~~~

Want some more KFC?

No! I could have been grilling, but no~~~

Quit complaining. The rain is nice!

I wanted hamburgers on the grill!


It's Sunday night...Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest for me...BUT NOT TODAY~! No, actually was very busy. Not doing too many work-related things, but doing other things that I have been neglecting. Housework, cleaning my storage area, cleaning the floors, doing laundry...other busy stuff. I didn't want to do that stuff, I wanted to SLEEP!!
In this situation, you should use TODAY'S EXPRESSION! It's perfect. I hope that you had a nice weekend~ Well, the new week is here so LET'S make it a great week! Are you ready to study some English? I'm ready to be your coach! Let's do it!
Coach Shane


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