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Today’s expression and dialog: 

What the…

What the…

What’s wrong?

The bank charged me a fee for putting money in my account!

What? Are you serious?


According to my iPhone's weather APP...it is SNOWING IN MOSCOW! I am so jealous~ If you are in Russia and can take a picture of the snow, please TWEET me!
For me, in Las Vegas, the weather is still quite warm--but the nights are cooler. Right now it is 1am and the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, tomorrow should be about 32. But Moscow is at 0!!! TODAY'S EXPRESSION. In this situation, I would use Today's Expression to express my SHOCK and DISBELIEF!
Well, to all my friends in Russia and everywhere else, please enjoy the nice weather and send me a picture of the weather you are experiencing!
Have a SUPER Friday,
Coach Shane


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