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Today’s expression and dialog: 

to put lipstick on a pig   

What do you think of my business proposal?

Well, I don’t think it’ll work.

What if I add more graphs and pictures?

That’s just putting lipstick on a pig! Sorry~


Let's be real. Being real is NOT equal to being nice. Let's be real.
I have a used car. It is old. It has many scratches. It has many dents. If I wash my car, do you think it will look better?
McDonald's needs a new business idea. They decide to sell breakfast items NOT ONLY at breakfast time, but at ANY time. Is this the solution for McDonald's?
I look in the mirror. I'm losing my hair. Why don't I...buy a nice hat?! Will that solve my feeling of inadequacy?
The answer to all three conundrums? (wow, so many good vocabulary words today!!) NO. No, no and no. Those "solutions" are TODAY'S EXPRESSION. It is a great expression. Find real solutions, okay?
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