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Today’s expression and dialog: 

travel halfway around the world to…

I’d travel halfway around the world to meet Celine Dion.

She lives about 10 miles from you.

Yeah, but she’d never meet me~

True~ But I’m sure your “heart will go on!”


Some things that I would LOVE to do, but will probably never get a chance...
Travel to space.
Go to the top of the Giza Pyramid.
Go on a safari in Kenya.
Ski across Alaska and Canada.
Travel from Scotland to Petropavlovsk by train.
Shake hands with real peacemakers.

Well, I can dream, right? And if I could, I would TODAY'S EXPRESSION in order to accomplish these dreams! Learn today's expression and tell me something that YOU would really want to do AND if your country/language has a different version of TODAY'S EXPRESSION, let me know!
Have a super weekend,
Coach Shane


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