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Today’s expression and dialog: 

fingers crossed

John failed his exam.

Ha! I’m glad. He never studied.

But you told him you would keep your fingers crossed for him.

Yeah, but I crossed my fingers on my other hand when I said it!


Right now I'm installing Windows 10 on one of my computers. Wish me luck. I have heard that Windows 10 is nice, BUT it totally allows Microsoft to follow everything I do...which means "no privacy". Well, I don't do anything illegal, so that doesn't bother me, BUT...I still don't like the idea that "someone" could see my personal email or see how much I spent at the grocery store (I keep my list online!) or see the unbelievable amount of pictures of my two kitties that I have on my computer! Anyway, I'm sure I won't have any problems...right?
In this case--you need to use TODAY'S EXPRESSION!
Have a super week and tell me if you have upgraded to Windows 10!
Coach Shane



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