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Today’s expression and dialog:

discipline (noun and verb)  

Ooh! Cake! Maybe I’ll get a small piece.

Aren’t you on a diet? You need some discipline.

Who’s gonna discipline me?

Me!! Ha! I brought a mirror! Look at yourself!


I LOVE chocolate. But, I can control myself. I LOVE beer, but I almost always have just one can a day! To control yourself is NOT easy. It requires "TODAY'S EXPRESSION". But to control others, we also use "TODAY'S EXPRESSION". In my opinion, many children and students do NOT get enough of this magic word. When I was young I received LOTS of it! I was "TODAY'S EXPRESSION"ed every day!
Today's expression can be used as a NOUN and a VERB. It's a very USEFUL word that I want you to practice using. But it will require some "TODAY'S EXPRESSION"!!!
Have a great day,
Coach Shane


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