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Today’s expression and dialog: 

a longshot (also “long shot” AND long-shot)

Do you think Shane will become a Hollywood movie star?

It’s a longshot!

Really? I think he’s SO talented.

Yeah, but he’s bald! And old!


Did you ever play basketball? If you have, which is easier:
A. Making a basket from 2 meters
B. Making a basket from 4 meters
C. Making a basket from 10 meters
Well, the answer is A! The closer we are to the "hoop", the easier it is to throw the ball into the "hoop". The farther we are, or the LONGER we are, the more difficult it is to "make the shot" or "to put the ball into the hoop".
I just gave you the BACKGROUND to Today's Expression! In the podcast, I tell you Today's Expression is "one word", which it is, but it looks like most people spell it as two words--you can use a hyphen, too! Too many choices^^
Have a SUPER day,
Coach Shane



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