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Today’s expression and dialog:

air quotes

Shane is SO funny~

What? No he’s not.

You weren’t watching. I was doing this ~~~

Oh! Air quotes!

Humor around the world is different in each culture. In the US, we love "self-deprecating humor"--jokes that make ourselves look silly or fat or lazy or dumb! Strange, huh? British people LOVE sarcasm. Some people love slapstick humor--visual humor with lots of physical fun!
Well, in the US, we also like sarcasm and sarcasm is one of the toughest types of humor for ESL students. We say something like "Nice haircut" but the meaning is "What a terrible haircut!" How do you know? Intonation...OR, in the US, we often use TODAY'S EXPRESSION. Learn it and learn to laugh at more American humor!
Have a super Thursday,
Coach Shane


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