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Today’s expression and dialog: 


You’re throwing away all those clothes?

Yeah. They’re hand-me-downs.

Let me see them. I’ll take some of these!

Help yourself. They were my uncle’s.


As most of you know, I am an American football fan. I love the Green Bay Packers! And when I was young, one of my FAVORITE shirts was a Green Bay Packers shirt! In fact, if you visit my website and click on ABOUT COACH SHANE you will see a picture there of me in that shirt! Many years ago!! Anyway, that shirt was a "used" shirt. It used to belong to my Uncle John...or was it Uncle Jim? I'm not sure! However, when we talk about USED CLOTHES in English--especially used by a different family member, we do NOT say USED CLOTHES! We have another expression and that's what you will learn today!
Have a SUPER weekend,
Coach Shane


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