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Today’s expression and dialog: 

a dead giveaway  

So, did you like the chocolate cake?

Huh? Oh…how’d you know I ate some?

Well, the chocolate all over your teeth was a dead giveaway.



I remember when I was a little boy, I had a great dog named Copper. She was a collie--a beautiful dog. Her and I went everywhere together. Fishing, swimming, biking, walking. She was my best friend. But one day when I got home after school, I knew something was wrong. My dog ALWAYS came to say "Hi!" to me, but she wasn't there that day. And when I saw my mom, I KNEW something was wrong. She was looking very worried. She didn't have to tell me; Copper was missing. After about an hour, the phone rang. I was outside but I looked in as my mom answered the phone--I KNEW everything would be okay. Her smile on the phone told me. And yes! An hour later, Copper was home! Today, learn a GREAT expression that's perfect for this story^^
Coach Shane


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