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Today’s expression and dialog: 

to be gifted

What are you gifted at?


No, serious. Tell me!

Hmm… I guess I’m a very good explainer!


Some people have an AMAZING talent. Michelangelo was blessed as a sculptor, Stephen Hawking has been blessed with an amazing mind, Usain Bolt has been blessed with the fastest legs among men! If you believe in God, then you might say that God has blessed them. If you do not believe in God, you might say that the genes they received from their parents were perfectly aligned!
Well, we all have some special, natural talent that is particularly good for us. Have you found yours? If not, keep looking. I guarantee there is SOMETHING that you have...but we all must cultivate it and use it for good! I'll tell you mine in TODAY'S EXPRESSION!
Have a great day,
Coach Shane


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