Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Today’s expression and dialog: 

lemming, sheep, sheeple

Dude, your phone is so old.

It still works.       

And when’s the last time you bought clothes?

I don’t need any.

Come on!

Hey, I’m not a lemming! I do things my own way.


Are you a leader? Are you a follower?
A combination is probably best. I don't consider myself a leader, but I guess that what a coach is--he leads his team. You are a part of my team. I want to lead YOU to victory! And when it comes to teaching, I'm not really a follower... I have my own style and I don't know of any other teachers who teach like me. I know that my Listening and Speaking classes are COMPLETELY unique...so, I hope, that's a good thing! I like NOT being a follower...but sometimes it makes me "lonely". Today's podcast is about NOT being a follower. You don't have to be a leader, but you don't have to be a follower, either!
Have a SUPER day,
Coach Shane


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