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Today’s expression and dialog:

a knee-jerk reaction/response

What do you think of the riots?

Well, my knee-jerk reaction is to support the people.


But, after I thought about it, violence with violence never solves anything.


Nowadays we get information SO fast...we need to be careful. On my iPhone, I receive "Earthquake Alerts". The other day there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Tajikstan and I immediately started wondering if people were okay. I was quite worried. I went online and searched for information...but fortunately, I couldn't find any "bad news". I was relieved. But...I "wasted" 20 minutes of time...TOO MUCH INFORMATION. When I heard the "bad news", my automatic response was to "find more information". And...would that information help me really? Well, there is SO MUCH information available nowadays, we need to really be careful! Check out today's expression! More information!!


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