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Today’s expression and dialog: 

to sugarcoat SMT

So, how’d you like my poem?

Well…it was nice.

Come on! Don’t sugarcoat it! Tell me.

Um… Don’t quit your day job.


So, a little girl was sitting next to me at the coffee shop yesterday. She was about 4. She was drawing a picture. While she was drawing, she kept looking at me. After a few minutes, she said, "Here!" and she gave me her picture. I had NO IDEA what she made. I thought it was a monster or maybe a dog... Then she told me, "It's you! Do you like it?" I told her, "This is the WORST drawing I have ever seen. You are a terrible artist."

OF COURSE I DIDN'T SAY THAT! I said, "Oh, wow! I really love my hair! Thank you!!" And she was very happy. Actually, I did like the hair she drew. It was a lot of hair! But did I lie to her? No--learn today's expression to see what I did!
Hairy Coach Shane


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