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When I was young, I was in GOOD shape. I didn't have HUGE muscles, but I was strong and thin and fast. I was a triathlete.

Then...I slowly...got bigger and more and more unhealthy.

Now I'm getting old SO I have decided to work on my health. And the number one priority--GETTING RID of my fat. I have extra weight around my tummy...I am a TODAY'S EXPRESSION!

Today we learn a fun word--we USUALLY use it as a joke, but remember, some people might NOT like the word. I don't mind. It's true!

Being fat is NOT a joke, but if you are working on getting healthy--it's okay to tease...in my opinion!

PS--anyone on Zwift out there?

Have a healthy day,
Coach Shane


Today’s English expression and dialog:


What’s up, doughboy?

Hi! What’d you call me?

You heard me! Doughboy!

That’s muscle!!!



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