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A lot of people study a language--English--and they learn a lot...but they get to a point where the learning almost stops. Some people struggle for more, some people give up. The listening doesn't improve. There are always TOO MANY new words and phrases. Pronunciation seems to get MORE difficult. Well, you need to "TODAY'S EXPRESSION" your ability and understand you might need help!

I studied the Korean language by myself for about three years and Korean people were really amazed at my ability...but my ability did NOT improve after that. I had to "TODAY'S EXPRESSION" my limits and acknowledge that I needed a coach!

Have a WONDERFUL day!
Coach Shane


Today’s English expression and dialog:

come to terms with 

Are you gonna do the marathon in April?

No. Probably not.

Why not? You love marathons.

Yeah, but I’ve finally come to terms with myself. I’m getting old!


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