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It's the MIDDLE of the week...are you surviving? I hope so!! Today's expression is great to use WHEN someone gives you a nice compliment! It's an older expression, BUT if you say it correctly, people will love it! I know you can do it--just repeat after me!!

Will you join me today at 3pm Chicago time? I will be LIVE on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. Hopefully I'll be live on VK.COM and TWITCH, too. Of course, I'll be LIVE on LMEtoday also, but that is our internet radio station, so you won't see me, ONLY hear me. BUT, the advantage there is you ALSO you get to hear great songs!!

I hope you join me later today!
Coach Shane
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Coach Shane


Today’s English expression and dialog:

Aw, shucks~   

Mike, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work.

Well, it was just my job.

No, sir. You did much more. You are the kindest man I know.

Aw, shucks~ I’m just an average Joe~



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