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FINALLY! I've been SUPER busy the past several days and have NOT been able to find the time to make a podcast...but I'm BACK! And today's expression is a VERY good one. SUPER common in daily English. Learn it and master it! And if you can, join me today at 3pm Chicago time for LME LIVE on FB, YT, Peri, VK, Twitch and www.LMEtoday.com

We've got a SUPER dictation assignment, great music AND I will tackle some of your questions!

See you later^^
Coach Shane


Today’s English expression and dialog:

Hi, Jack! How’s it going these days?

Pretty good. I’m not all that busy—enjoying life. You?

Oh~ I’m all but enjoying life. Work’s been tough.

Oh, that’s too bad. I hope it gets better.


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