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Today’s expression and dialog: A pales in comparison to B


This chicken is good.


Yeah, but it pales in comparison to my mom’s.


So, invite me to your mom’s!

If you’re nice to me, I will!


I must say, I make REALLY good apple pie...but my mom's is better.  My mom is not only a better cook, she's MUCH better. She's a professional, I'm an amateur!  And I am one of the BEST drivers in America...but my dad is better. My dad is not only a better driver, he's much better! He's a professional, I'm an amateur!


So, is there an expression that I could use that says that...a simple sentence. Of course, A is better than B is good, but there must be something better!! YES! Today I have an expression that is MUCH better. It's professional...not amateur! Enjoy the podcast!



Coach Shane


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