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Today’s expression and dialog: You reap what you sow.


I’m sick.


Your stomach?


Yeah. I think I ate too much cake.

You ate the entire cake! You reap what you sow.


When I was a kid, I LOVED to play outside! I was always in the sun--spring, summer, winter and fall! But I was stupid...I rarely used sun block--I didn't use any lotions to protect my skin from the sun. And now...years later...I have problems! As many of you know, I recently had two surgeries for skin cancer! Well, the surgeries were successful, but I'll probably need more in the future~ OH...if ONLY I had been more careful when I was young...it is important to think about what we do. What we do NOW, can affect us later. And that's what today's expression is all about...it's a GREAT one!


Have a super weekend,


Coach Shane


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