Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

Today’s expression and dialog: to fool around


I like fooling around in the kitchen?


With your girlfriend?


NO! When I cook. I like to create different things.

So, you’re a creative cook, huh?


A lot of you ask me "What do you do on your day off?" Well, to be honest, I don't really have a day off...but I do my best to NOT check email on Sundays and Mondays...so I guess that those two days are my "days off"! What do I do? I "fool around"!! I like to experiment in the kitchen. I like to go fishing and hiking. I never catch fish...very rarely, but I still love to go fishing! I like to ride my bike, too. Of course, I check out the "big" news stories of the week, too. That's about it! Nothing serious! Check out today's podcast which is ALL ABOUT fooling around!



Coach Shane



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