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Today’s expression and dialog: to haul ass

Isn’t your meeting at 3?

Oh, no. I’m gonna be late.

You’d better haul ass.

Yep. See ya~


Do you know the verb "to haul"? It means to carry--especially to carry something in a big truck. Hauling lumber, hauling computers, hauling corn, hauling medical supplies... But, you can also "haul ass"!!! "ass" is a word that means "butt"...REMEMBER, the word "ass" is NOT a good word to use in public. Only use it with your friends and don't SHOUT the word or other people might think you are rude! But once again, in today's expression, it is REALLY useful! Today I will teach you HOW to "haul ass". It's VERY important!


Have a SUPER Friday~ TGIF!!


Coach Shane


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