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Today’s expression and dialog: ~ never delivers


Are you going to vote?


What for? Politicians never deliver.


They never keep their promises, do they?

They’re almost all the same.


Happy Thursday, everyone. Today's expression is SERIOUS. Here's a true story to get you thinking before you listen...


Many years ago I was the manager of a language school. One of my teachers was a really nice guy. He was smart, had good charisma, could explain grammar well...BUT he was ALWAYS breaking his promises. He was ALWAYS late. He almost always came to work with the smell of alcohol. And he was NOT a good dresser. Finally, I had a meeting with him and told him that if he didn't start fulfilling his promises of coming in to work on time, cutting back on drinking and taking a shower and washing his clothes--he would be out the door (he would be fired). Well, he kept his promise...for two days. I fired him. He was no good. He could not DELIVER. 


If you promise, please deliver!


Coach Shane


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