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Today’s expression and dialog: to rub someone’s nose in it


I heard Eric broke up with you.




I heard he has a new girlfriend.




I heard she’s really rich.

Quit rubbing my nose in it!


How do you teach a dog NOT to go to the bathroom INSIDE a house? Well, it's not easy, but one method is...SHOW the dog it's mistake. If it pees or poos in the house, take the dog--grab its head--and FORCE the dog to see and smell its mistake. It doesn't sound nice, but it is effective. Of course, there are other methods, too, but that is a very common method in the US. We can use the SAME method to teach people! No...NOT teach them about going to the bathroom!! Teaching them about other things--especially about stupid mistakes! And there is ONE expression that refers to this "teaching method". What is it? You'll have to listen to the podcast!




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