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Today’s expression and dialog: the dump


Where you going?


The dump.


You got room for some magazines?

No! You need to recycle those!


Do you recycle? When I lived in Korea, I was really good at recycling. The country had a good system. Plastic, glass, paper, plastic bags, light bulbs and even batteries. People even recycled their food waste. The actual amount of "garbage" was pretty small. Very good. But now I am in America...and the recycling system is really bad! Fortunately where I live, we do recycle a little--plastic, paper and glass. That's better than nothing! But the amount of "garbage" is much more than what I used to have. And all of that garbage goes...where? Into the earth! But, where IS that place--what's it called? That's what we'll learn today! Check out today's podcast and have a CLEAN day!


Coach Shane


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