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Do you like it when movie stars and singers tell you their POLITICAL thoughts? Personally, I do NOT like it. I don't care if I agree with them OR disagree, I don't want to hear about their opinions!! I know, MANY, MANY people disagree with me! That's okay~ But for me, I like "stars" because of their ability to perform. But hey...we are ALL guilty of telling other people our opinions even though other people did not ASK!! Why do we do that? Well, the answer is in Today's Expression!

I'm guilty...are you? Enjoy the podcast and have a GREAT weekend!
Coach Shane



Today’s English expression and dialog:

full of himself

Are you throwing away this CD?

Yeah. No more U2 for me.

Why? The band’s great!

But Bono’s too full of himself! He should just stick to music.



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