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It's a Thursday! How's it going for you today? Me--I'm doing great so far. I've got an 8am LIVE class with my DDM VIP students, then I'll be making our PIRF 156 Lesson Videos. After that, I'll make our new PIRF 157 assignment. Oh, I need to make our new DDM 467 lesson, too. Thursdays are one of my BUSIEST days! But--enough about work! Let's TRY some English!
Today's expression is probably EASY for many of you--but it's good to review. Are you thinking of trying something new? Food? Study? Sport? A hobby? If there's something you want to try, LISTEN to this podcast! DO IT!!

Coach Shane

The E-cubed PODCAST is UP and READY for YOU!! #LearnEnglish #ESL #LMEtoday #LetsMasterEnglish


Today’s English expression and dialog:

give it a shot

My listening is helpless.


I watch TV shows all the time and still can only understand 20-30%.

Have you heard about DDM?


Give it a shot. It will absolutely help you!


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<> The E-cubed PODCAST is UP and READY for YOU!! #LearnEnglish #ESL #LMEtoday #LetsMasterEnglish

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