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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who sent me well-wishes for not only Christmas and NYD, but also my birthday! My birthday and Christmas were fantastic! And I will make the rest of 2017 super, too!
Today is the day after Christmas! And I'm back!! Today I'll teach you a PHRASAL VERB--two meanings! Enjoy the lesson. ALSO, today, I will go LIVE on LMEtoday.com AND YouTube and FB and Peri and VK and Twitch! Why? To answer YOUR questions about our courses! We do have a sale NOW at www.LetsMasterEnglish.com/sale and it's the perfect time to join us! But if you have questions--I'm here to answer them!

See you soon!
Coach Shane


Today’s English expression and dialog:

Come around 

Is Tom here?

No. Why don’t you come around tomorrow?

Okay. You think he’ll be less mad at me?

I’m sure^^ He always comes around after a day or two.


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