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Today’s expression and dialog: to pick someone's brain


Can I pick your brain?


Sure. What about?


American pronunciation.

That’s my specialty!


Happy Memorial Day!!! It's a day for picnics and...well, I'll tell you in the podcast!!

So, tomorrow I am going to be cooking "corn on the cob". Do you know what that is? It's corn...but directly from the plant. I have never cooked corn like that before so I don't want to make any mistakes. I know that I will have to peel off the green leaves, then I will have to remove all of the corn silk (google "corn silk" and you can see what I mean). But for how long do I cook it...in just plain water? Hmm... I know that my mom has a very secret and ancient family recipe...I'm going to ask her for her expert advice! I hope she tells me!  When YOU want someone's EXPERT ADVICE/OPINION/KNOWLEDGE, what English expression can you use? You'll find out in today's podcast!



Happy Memorial Day Monday!

Coach Shane


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