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Today’s expression and dialog: to call dibs


Hey, do you guys wanna go to the lake?




Dibs on the front seat!


Aw~ You always get the front seat.

You need to call dibs!


Hi everyone!!


Do you know what jelly beans are? If not, GOOGLE jelly beans right now! They're a small (like a bean) chewy candy. You chew them and they taste great. When I was young, there were only a few flavors. There was orange, cherry, lime, lemon, vanilla and black licorice. My ABSOLUTE favorite was...ORANGE!! Unfortunately, almost everyone else loved orange, too. So, when someone was about to open a bag of jelly beans, I was always the FIRST person to "say something" so that ONLY I could eat the orange jelly beans!! It's true. What were those magic words? I will teach you today^^ Oh, and I still use this expression when I think someone wants the same thing I want!! It still works like magic!


Have a fantastic day,


Coach Shane


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